CREATE at the Arizona Science Center

Jordan Chaffin is the Electronic Zone Manager of CREATE at the Arizona Science Center. He and his team have been using equipment purchased through Rocky Mountain Tech (RMT) to bring creativity and ingenuity to adults and children alike since the center opened.

CREATE is an interactive portion of the science center where ideas transform into design.

At the Az Science Center, laser cutters and 3d printers are utilized to both teach and transform. From arts and crafts with children on field trips, to workshops for every day science-goers, and rented studio time for adults, CREATE provides the public with access to the highest technologies.

One unique feature CREATE offers the public, is the opportunity to become a member. Members have access to many classes and workshops that teach beginners how to use laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC Mills and other pieces of tech. Once that member has passed the class, he or she is welcome to reserve out studio time and get to use the equipment for their own personal projects.

Jordan can’t speak enough on the benefits of the public workshops, “Once you start talking to them and showing them the capabilities, they’re blown away to see what all you can do with a laser cutter. They’re like little kids again.”

The CREATE work space is decorated with projects and prototypes of different materials and purposes. Around one corner is a 3D printed model of an airplane that can fit in your hand. On the other side of the room is a life sized Chinese warrior suit with intricate detail.

“Universal’s lasers are personally my favorite,” Jordan said,”They’re so user-friendly and very straightforward.”

The CREATE space is also hit among entrepreneurs and artists in the Phoenix area.

Nick Bowers runs a self- started wood carving and design business, the Reclaimed American, based out of Arizona. He utilizes his membership with the Arizona Science center to bring his products to life.

Nick custom makes his designs at the work space through a computer program, Corel Draw, and then cuts the design into various types of carefully selected wood with a Universal Laser System. He enjoys watching his designs become etched into his material, “The lasers are super quick, user friendly, and accurate.” he said.

With endless stories such as Nick’s, it’s easy to see the CREATE program at the Arizona Science center is doing their part to educate the public and make new technology more accessible.

Here at Rocky Mountain Tech are happy we could be a part of this process!

To check out CREATE at the Arizona Science Center, follow the link below:

To check out Nick Bowers’ hand crafted materials, find him on Instagram:


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