Techno CNC

Since 1986, Techno CNC Systems has been solving the toughest manufacturing challenges by helping sign makers, woodworkers, general fabricators and more with their production needs. Their equipment is designed to route, carve, drill, and engrave in wood, plastic, foam, aluminum and more for a wide range of applications. Techno CNC strives to meet the needs of various project makers and designers and Rocky Mountain Tech can make their one-of-a-kind products easily accessible.

HD-II 2136


"Our most popular"

Techno CNC HD II Table-top Router. Features a 2-HP HSD spindle. Available with safety enclosure that mitigates router noise and dust.

Starting at $11,950.00

Click HERE for a  data sheet for the HD II Table Top Router

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Techno CNC ATLAS Series. Features a 4.0 HP HSD Spindle, 7" Gantry clearance, 48" X 48" , 96" X 48" and 120" X 60" tables.

Starting at $25,400.00

Click HERE for a datasheet for the Atlas CNC Router

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