Universal Laser Systems

Universal Laser Systems (ULS) is the leading provider of laser material processing solutions and has been advancing the application of laser technology since 1988.

ULS Inc.'s  philosophy and execution are based upon designing highly modular solutions which gives customers the flexibility and investment protection to optimize laser systems as their business evolves.


ULS : ILS12.150D

The Large Format ILS laser is a flexible machine that can be equipped with Pass-Through side doors for large stock. The ILS12.150D model shown can be equipped with up to 150-Watts with dual laser sources with a 48 x 24 X 12 inch processing envelope.

Starting at $40,500.00

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PLS Series-Medium Platform

Our flagship model series PLS is available in a 24 X 18 X 9 envelope (PLS 4.75) or 32" X 18" X 9" (PLS 6.75) with a maximum 75 watt laser source. The larger 6.75 Platform is also available as a PLS 6.150D (dual laser) and PLS 6.150DSS (dual laser and SUPER SPEED) and can be configured with dual laser sources from 10W to 75W.

Starting at $ 16,800.00 (30 watt 6.75)

Click for a DataSheets: PLS-6.75 or PLS 4.75

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VLS Series-Medium Platform

Our best selling model for middle schools is the VLS series are available in 24 X 12 X 9 inch, 24 X 18 X 9 inch and 32 X 18 X 9 inch max part size with a maximum 60 watt laser source.

Starting at $

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VLS Series-Desktop

These units are designed for a tight space operation. (Shown with optional air filter cart)

Starting at $ 8,200.00 (10 watt laser cartridge)

Datasheets:   VLS-3.50  and  VLS-2.30

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