Introducing Formlabs, Form 3 SERIES

We are excited to release our newest Formlabs printers: the FORM 3 SERIES.

With new features like large format printing, tear-away light touch supports, and user-replaceable components, this model is setting a new standard for 3d printers! It has everything from low force SLA to a fully self-contained optical unit. These state of the art printers are coming out fast.

  • Form 3L (pictured left)
  • Form3 model (pictured right)

The Form3 model will start shipping in June 2019 and we’re your connection to being one of the first to own this model.

The Form 3L is scheduled to ship in early 2020 but you can pre-order with us NOW!

Contact us today to get your complimentary quote and secure your new Formlabs printer.

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